About Us

Who we are

Beth Isaiah is a caring, inclusive congregation, combining traditional with modern observance of Jewish life, and a committment to lifelong learning. We welcome Jews by heritage, by choice, regardless of gender, orientation, or level of observance. Singles, couples, interfaith families, and families of any structure are all valued in our congregation. 

Mission Statement

Beth Isaiah is an independent and diverse congregation in Guelph, Ontario, whose vision is to foster a commitment to Jewish values and social justice, while honouring a connection to Israel. We offer a welcoming, inclusive, and supportive intergenerational environment in which all members can explore opportunities for individual and communal growth through education, prayer, Tikkun Olam and community outreach, as well as through recreational, cultural and social activities.


Services we offer:
Spiritual Life
Life Cycle


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Board of Directors

Chair: Naomi Theodor
Vice Chair: Goldie Barth
Treasurer: Susan Atkinson
Secretary: Kathy Kruger

Pauline Breitman
Lois Gottlieb
Joni Kilberg
Betty Wickett


Beth Isaiah has been the cornerstone of Jewish life in Guelph since 1907, when the first congregation was established. The community purchased a house at 47 Surrey Street West in 1925, which was replaced by our current building in 1949.

Beth Isaiah has continued to serve Guelph and the surrounding area for more than a century. In 2022 the congregation ratified a new constitution, reflecting a commitment to social justice, diversity, and inclusivity. Beth Isaiah is named in memory of Sidney (Isaiah) Acker, a member who was killed on active duty in World War II.


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