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Friday, April 22nd, 2016 @ 7:00 pm

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Passover Seder -- Order Tickets by Mail

Seder PlateTicket sales help us cover the costs of holding the Seder for our community.


Adult Ticket:  $25 each

Family:  $60 each


Please mail in the following:

1.  A note indicating your name, the total # of tickets you're purchasing, whether the tickets are for personal use or are to be donated, and the number of adults/children for a Family ticket.

2.  Enclose a cheque for your total amount, payable to "Beth Isaiah Congregation".

3.  Mail to:

Techiya Fisher
57 Surrey St. W.
Guelph, Ontario
N1H 3R5

4.  Contact Techiya at 519.265.1591 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and let her know you're coming!


Thanks and see you at the Seder!




Why Does the Seder Take So Long?


Who Let the Jews Out?!


The Aviv Matzha Story


Mah Nishtanah - The 4 Questions


Making Shmurah Matzah


How to Break a Matzah Exactly in Half



Here you will find musical selections from Cantor Fisher.
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Rabbi Avraham Fisher - The Passover Seder
with piano accompaniment by Edna (Abrahim) Ben Zaken

Dedicated with love

   To the memory of my beloved grandmother (onyu)
      Sara Feige z"l
   And my dear uncles:
      Yoseph (Yossi) z"l and Eliezer (layzee) Pollack z"l
   Who taught me the beauty of Shabbat and
      the sweetness of Zmirot L'Shabbat

   Special thanks to my dearest wife Techiya for all her
      encouragement, support and good advice.


DownloadNamePlay Length
(Cantor Avraham Fisher)

1:56 min
downloadOrder of the Seder
(Cantor Avraham Fisher)

0:51 min
downloadHineni Muchan
(Cantor Avraham Fisher)

0:58 min
(Cantor Avraham Fisher)

1:38 min
downloadHah Lachma Anya
(Cantor Avraham Fisher)

1:11 min
downloadMa Nishtana
(Cantor Avraham Fisher)

0:57 min
downloadAvadim Hayinoo
(Cantor Avraham Fisher)

0:55 min
downloadBaruch Hamakom
(Cantor Avraham Fisher)

0:48 min
downloadV'he Sh-amdah
(Cantor Avraham Fisher)

1:20 min
(Cantor Avraham Fisher)

1:51 min
downloadB'chol Dor vador
(Cantor Avraham Fisher)

1:27 min
downloadVenomar Lefanav
(Cantor Avraham Fisher)

0:50 min
(Cantor Avraham Fisher)

0:53 min
downloadKarev Yom
(Cantor Avraham Fisher)

1:00 min
downloadAdir Bimlucha
(Cantor Avraham Fisher)

0:51 min
downloadChasal Sidur Pesach
(Cantor Avraham Fisher)

0:56 min
downloadLeShana Habaah
(Cantor Avraham Fisher)

0:50 min
downloadAdir Hoo
(Cantor Avraham Fisher)

0:47 min
downloadEchad Mi Yodeah
(Cantor Avraham Fisher)

0:53 min
downloadChad Gadya
(Cantor Avraham Fisher)

0:42 min