Ahhh Hanukkah.

Let there be light!

And latkes!


Please enjoy our selection of Hanukkah-themed videos and more.




Our Hanukkah party was enjoyed by more than 60 people who
got to make edible menorahs, sing songs, and enjoy latkes.

Hanukkah at Beth Isaiah


With close to 3 million Youtube views and counting,
enjoy all that "The Maccabeats" have to offer.

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The Maccabeats Sing About Hanukkah


Did you hear about the rebellion?

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Click to enjoy our
Beth Isaiah Scrapbook -- Hanukkah 5771 / 2010

Hanukkah 2010


View the Beth Isaiah Scrapbook -- Hanukkah 5770 / 2009

Hanukkah 2009


Hanukkah photo enhancement by our Photoshop artist in residence, Avraham Mishkin.  View more...




You've never seen Hanukkah candles quite like this before,
Click the image for more.  Then click a candle or two (or three)...

Singing Hanukkah Candles


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